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What the FAQ?
MeetButter doesn't only help hosts run meetings smoothly, it also empowers participants to speak their mind. Our visual Speaker Queue is the secret sauce that makes everyone in the meeting feel heard.
In MeetButter you create rooms to host your meetings. Rooms are permanent until deleted and can be reused for recurring meetings! The agenda points you set are saved to each room for your convenience.
MeetButter is free for the period of the Beta. Once we end the Beta period, we will move to a subscription-based pricing model. However, we will always have a free tier available for everyone to keep on using MeetButter for free.
Video meetings on MeetButter are hosted by For more info check out
You can have up to 75 participants in a MeetButter room.
Nope! Participants can join by clicking the shared invite link or entering the 4-letter room code to join the room.
Yes. In order to set up and start a meeting you need to have a MeetButter account. Sign up for a free account here!

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